At Dynamic, we're a family

Dynamic Martial Arts is a family run business. We strive to “Build Confidence, Teach Respect” for families in our community.

Chris Malloy has been training in martial arts for the past 30 years, and started Dynamic Martial Arts in 2000.

His goal is to build a strong community, help to tackle bullying, whilst instilling importing life values such as respect, confidence and positive attitude within his students.

Chris and his team at Dynamic Martial Arts including his wife Kylie, daughter Brittany and long time student Daniel, have built a family orientated business with over 500 students. They care for every one of their students and their families. This is what make Dynamic Martial Arts unique.

Visiting Dynamic Martial Arts, you’ll get the instant feeling of family warmth and togetherness.

All Instructors are friendly, welcoming and here to assist. Through the use of fun, fitness and self defence drills, the kids will have a great time during class, but will also take away some important life values. “Never give up attitude”, “Don’t be afraid to try new things” and “Always respect yourself and others” are values we encourage.