Martial Arts Programs

Dynamic Kids (4-5)

Pre-schoolers (4-5) helps improve their Focus, Listening and Co-ordination with our Dynamic Kids family based program.

In our Dynamic Kids class, students will improve on their active listening skills, Focus and improve on their co-ordination. Though the use of fun drills, exercise, and our unique badge system, your kids will be sure to continue their good behaviour and active listening at home with the family, kinder and School.

Dynamic kids classes

Dynamic Kid's (5-7)

Panda’s (5-7) develops an understanding of important life skills such as Respect within the family, Confidence and Attitude.

Dynamic Panda’s will stay active and learn fun and exciting new self-defence and stranger danger drills, whilst showing great family values such as respect, listening and focus in every class. Our belt system gives our students a goal and sense of achievement, as well as building their confidence and instilling a “Never give up attitude” all values learnt at karate will be carry through home and school.

Dynamic Juniors (8-12)

Kanga’s (8-12) learn important self defence and anti-bullying skills, instilling confidence and self esteem, along with great family values and life lessons to take them into their teenage years.

Kanga’s program, we use exciting, high energy and practical self defence drills. We use lessons learnt through these drills to relate to the family and school, which is important at this age as they begin to mature. We strive to make our Kanga’s the very best they can be.

Dynamic Teens (13-17)

Teenagers (13-17) are taken through high intensity self defence and kick boxing drills within our program. Building fitness, confidence and self esteem, as well as the discipline needed to succeed as they become adults.

We understand that stress of school as a teenage can be challenging for teenagers and their family’s Our Teenager program aims to provide an outlet and improve on their fitness. We use traditional side of karate to develop self discipline and control, whilst the Dynamic’s of the kick boxing will keep teens engaged, fit and confident.

Dynamic Adults (18 +)

Adults martial arts program aims to keep you fit and health, whilst learning important, practical self defence drills. “A family that trains together, stays together” is a great way to keep the whole family on a path to success.

Our program brings the best of both worlds together. Our kickboxing program will keep you fit, strong and Healthy, whilst our traditional component helps train the mind to keep you sharp. Taking on a new challenge will leave you feeling accomplished, with an always developing program, with result that you’ll never stop growing, learning & improvement.

Supporting and understanding what your own children are learn helps for a greater family unity.